Why I stopped consuming alcohol regularly

Nov 17, 2019

wineAt the beginning of this year (2019) I decided to stop using alcohol. It wasn’t a new years resolution. In 2018 I worked very hard to improve my physical health and fitness. As my fitness level increased I started to realize that I didn’t feel great after drinking even just one glass of wine. But I still wanted to be social and “have a life” so during the last few months of 2018 I already started drinking less while enjoying time out with friends and family.

After new years day, I thought I’d like to try and go through 2019 on as little alcohol consumption as possible. So I didn’t stop drinking alcohol completely, but I would only drink on special occasions and would also keep it to one glass of wine.

Through living the tantric lifestyle on a few occasions I would be guided to do or start something with one thought in mind, but then later I would realize that while that one thought was the catalyst to start or do whatever I needed to, there would come other reasons and benefits to light. That is the main reason I decided to write this article.

So as I mentioned, the initial guided reason I decided to stop consuming alcohol regularly was mainly for health and fitness reasons.

Firstly, after just drinking one glass of wine I would wake up the next morning feeling dehydrated. Secondly, I would get quite tipsy after just one glass of wine. 

Since I workout in the gym 7 days a week, my training session would be jeopardised. Working out while feeling slightly dehydrated might not sound like such bad thing, but why put in all the hard work if you’re not going to get the full benefits of the workout?

Dehydration is caused by loss of water and is also accompanied by an imbalance of electrolytes. Electrolytes carry electrical charges which are needed to get the message from our brain to our body. So if you are not fully hydrated while doing a workout the message between the body and the brain will not be as clear as it could be. So even while you might feel you are having a great workout the results, in the long run, will show something different.

While my fitness journey was the main reason for my decision to reduce my alcohol consumption to only special occasions, I have also found some other benefits concerning my tantric/spiritual journey

The tantric lifestyle is mostly about living in the moment and being aware and present in whatever you are doing. As we know, alcohol decreases our awareness. And looking at this from a tantric point of view makes consuming alcohol not ideal.

On Easter weekend this year (2019) me, my family and my parents went to Mariner’s Wharf for lunch. I haven’t had lobster in quite some time, so I decided to order the lobster. Seeing as it was a special occasion, I also enjoyed some wine during the meal. We had a lovely time together as a family.

However what struck me afterwards was when, the next day, my husband asked me how the lobster was. I could remember I was completely engaged while I was enjoying and eating the lobster. Though when he asked me how the lobster was I couldn’t give him an answer as I realized that I wasn’t able to remember the finer details of exactly how much I enjoyed the lobster. I knew I had fun eating it, but the finer details such as the taste and smell etc was not there.

So to continue with trantrifying not only my health but my whole life, I am happy with my decision to minimize my alcohol consumption to special occasions.

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