What is a sadhana

Dec 03, 2019

A sadhana is a spiritual practice to help you on your spiritual journey. It can include a wide range of activities from training in the gym to meditation. 

Everyone will make use of different practices or activities for their sadhana. I have a full day sadhana, however, you can decide to only have a morning and evening sadhana. Or even just start with simply one sadhana either morning or evening.

The reason I think of my sadhana as a full day sadhana is because I am constantly trying to stay in the present moment with whatever, I am busy doing. Tantra has been a part of my spiritual journey since 2017. It took me about 2 years to get to a point where I started to feel that I am aware and in the moment for most of my day.

My routine is pretty close to the Ayurveda daily routine, although I do try to keep it flexible because I don’t want to fall back into an autopilot mind.

A daily sadhana can look as follows:

5-6 am Wake up, feed the dog, meditate, wash your face, brush your teeth, drink a warm herbal tea, plan and put intent out for your day.

6-7 am Have a light breakfast, get ready for your fitness workout of the day and give thanks.

7-9 am Do your workout of the day, whether at a public place such as a gym or home.

9-11 am Shower, do a self-massage, and get dressed for the day.

11-12 pm Do breathing exercises and practice your hobby.

12-2 pm Prepare and enjoy lunch.

2-6 pm This time is ideal for creative work.

6-7 pm Prepare and enjoy dinner.

7-8:30 pm Spend time with family.

8:30-9 pm Start to wind down for the evening and do some reading.

8:30-10 pm Meditate and go to bed.

This is just an example of what a daily sadhana looks like, although mine is very similar to this. During all the activities I try my best to stay present in each moment so that I can experience every moment with full awareness.

Susan Weis-Bohlen wrote a great book about Ayurveda for Beginners. The name of the book is Ayurveda Beginner’s guide, Essential Ayurvedic Principles and Practices to Balance & Heal Naturally.

Sat Nam and So Hum

“Only the mind judges the soul accepts “

Atma Bhakti Kaur

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