The Tantric lifestyle

Oct 26, 2019

What is the Tantric lifestyle?

First of all, tantra is not a religion. In retrospect, it’s more of a science than it is a religion. Tantra is a radical spiritual lifestyle. It’s a journey of connecting and trusting within to learn how to put aside and/or heal from traumas, judgments, and fears to create a whole person or whole being.

But tantrikas, while being very spiritual, are ecstatically grateful for the physical body they have and being able to experience the physical existence with this body. The idea is to be completely present and enjoy every moment with complete awareness.

Tantra can be incorporated into your lifestyle no matter what your religious views are, and you are in control of how deeply you want to make it a part of your journey. You take what you feel comfortable with and what you think will work for you.

Most religious views focus on the spirit and soul only and disregard or throw-out the body. They merely focus on spiritual health.

Non-spiritual views focus on the body only and disregard or do not recognize the spirit. They merely focus on physical health.

However through my journey over the last two years to “Trantrify” my life. I realized that in order to create a whole body of health we need to combine the two aspects to work together to create overall health in the body as a whole – physically and spiritually.

So join me on this journey to discover how to “Trantrify” your health, life, and love.

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