One of the first twin flame stories – Siva & Sakti

Dec 15, 2019

I think one of the first Twin flame stories has to be the story of Siva & Sakti. As I’ve written about before, and will for quite a few more of my articles…
I am an undying and hopeless romantic. I can not think of a time ever that my ultimate goal wasn’t to love.

So it shouldn’t come to me as a surprise that the only thing that could have lead me to my truth would be the ultimate love story. If you’re a hopeless romantic like me, which synchronicity will point to that you are, and that’s why you are here reading this article. Then I am sure that you’ve heard about the term twin flame or twin soul.

During my last few years of my spiritual journey, I’ve been studying tantra, while incorporating the tools I’ve learned into my life. I’ve read about Siva and Sakti in so many books and their story touched my heart every single time. But I guess most love stories touch my heart.

I would love to tell you their story and maybe one day I’ll write about them, but please do yourself a favour and read about Siva and Sakti.

If you enjoy love stories as much as I do, then I am sure that you’ll have a blast reading about them. I think Siva and Sakti’s love story, is probably one of the very first twin flame love stories.

In one of their stories told, it is said that when every Sakti decides to incarnate on the earthly realm, Siva always follow suit as he never whats to experience anything without his love Siva by his side.

How beautiful is that!?

Imagine knowing deep down in your heart, that whenever you as individual feel the need to do something to progress in your spiritual journey, that your beloved will be right by your side, encouraging you to walk your path.

At that point, you know that you can walk your path without any fear of judgement because they believe in you and know that whatever you decide to do in life is merely your own path to living authentically and truthfully in your being.

Sat Nam and So Hum

“Only the mind judges the soul accepts “

Atma Bhakti Kaur

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