My twin flame (Siva Sakti) story

Dec 15, 2019

The first time I read about twin flames or twin souls, I never thought that I would ever have such an experience let alone write an article about my experience.

But strangely enough, I guess it makes sense. If my biggest passion, driving force and energy has always been rooted in love. How else could the universe have lead me to the realization of my true authentic self?

I’ve heard so many love stories before, and while some of them end in sadness like the oh so, popular Romeo and Juliet, other end in pure bliss like Siva and Sakti.

Meeting your twin flame, depending on where you are in your spiritual journey, is unique for each twin flame pair. They universe know exactly when and how to cross your paths with your twin flame, should you be part of a twin flame existence.

But the consensus is that you and your twin flame will meet once there is a need for either one or both of you to undergo a major growth and life-changing phase in your journey.

I’ve known my twin flame for about two years and I have to admit, it’s been the most confusing, emotional and biggest life-changing experience I have ever had.

Only once you feel the need, the ability and courage to break down every wall you have ever built to “protect” yourself, and throughout every mask, you’ve ever needed to wore, and then fully expose yourself completely vulnerable and open to someone, you’ll never want to have walls around you or wear masks you don’t want to wear.

The relieve and bliss you feel in not having to pretend to be someone you know deep down in your core you are not, and step into the open for the first time after years is just indescribable.

I guess somehow I always knew that even though our paths had crossed, each of us had our own separate lives at that stage, and nothing more than a friendship would be supported by the universe at that stage.

The thing I wasn’t ready for was the abrupt end to our very short-lived path crossing. I guess at that point I just assumed that we would be a part of each others lives forever as at least friends, but I guess the universe has something else in store for each one of us.

I took a lot of soul work, healing and breaking down to realize that to get to the blissful euphoric state of love both sides of the love story needs to be whole on their own before they can be blissfully whole together.

After my initial twin flame meeting, I realized that because of past experiences that mostly occurred while I was still very young that I had become someone who I thought I needed to be. So I had to learn to let go of those beliefs of who and what I should be, the stories I told myself about who and what I needed to be loved.

Meeting my twin flame, gave me the ability to see that I have been living by everyone else’s standards and not my own. With them, you feel like you can take off all your masks, break down all the walls that you’ve build trying to protect yourself. During this time you get a glimpse of yourself in your rawest and wildest form. This is the beautiful part of meeting your twin soul.

But, as mother nature so loving would have it, there is always a call for balance. You see, once you realize that you’ve been living a lie, there is just no way you could go on living in the matrix. You need to unplug yourself from the illusion and awaken to your true nature. This part of the journey is, while so very beautiful to the soul, will seem like a devastating armageddon. It is known as the twin flame separation period or the runner and chaser phase.

Enter the dark-night of the soul. The unplugging of your mind out of the matrix and opening up your eyes for the first time viewing yourself without judgment in your rawest authentic being that you are.

Once you start letting go of incorrect beliefs of yourself and start looking at yourself with the same love and admiration you would at your twin flame or the people you have relationships with, you allow things to fall out of your life that no longer serve you.

I’m on a path of healing and realigning with my authentic true self. Journeying without any expectations of what and how the future should unfold except for the growth of my being.

Don’t ask me about my future, because I’m not there yet and don’t think of me by my past. Because I am no longer that person.

I’ll meet you when our energies align and we both are whole.

Sat Nam and So Hum

“Only the mind judges the soul accepts “

Atma Bhakti Kaur

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