How I got into studying and practising tantra

Jan 08, 2020

All spiritual awakings start from major events that happen in our lives. It took me 5 years after probably the most devastating event that could ever happen to anyone. Losing someone you love to death.

My grandma past away on 19 September 2015. She was diagnosed with breast cancer, had both of her breasts removed and was on medication for more than a year but a few days before her passing, she went in for a check-up and the cancer has spread to her lungs. They changed her medication, but she passed away in a couple of days after.

I can still remember exactly where I was when I received the dreadful phone call.

At that stage, I had a successful makeup artistry business, our kids were also quite young (one 5 and the other 3). So in all the busyness between family life, looking after the kiddies and running my business, there wasn’t much time left for mourning her death. Live had to go on.

Two years later, my husband and I started feeling that we wanted to deepen our relationship and started looking for online courses that would help us connect on a deeper level. We found an online tantric course for couples for deeper intimacy. Little did I know that will lead me to my realization of how big an impact my grand ma’s death had on me.

The first book I read that introduced me to tantra was Katrina Bos’s book – What if I could skip the cancer.

I felt drawn to read the book, still with the wound of my grand ma’s death, and bought it for myself.

Sitting here now, typing this article, I only now know that the passing of my grandma was the start towards my awaking journey, lead through tantra. I love my tantric journey. It has taught me, even though it’s always a work in progress, how to be more kind, honest and passionate towards myself, others and life in general.

Though the awaking to your true essence and higher self isn’t just a path of unicorns and rainbows, as you will see in my article Dark Night of the soul – the ego death. I know that each and every obstacle or moment of darkness, is there to teach me how to become more of who I truly am, by helping me release old thought patterns while healing old wounds.

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