Filling the hole, to feel whole

Apr 07, 2020

If you are walking around with a feeling of emptiness or feeling that you have a hole that just won’t go away, firstly I want you to know, that…

    1. You are not the only person that experiences that hole or void or longing that there must be more to this life than just what we see and experience in the physical world.
    2. And however much you try to fill that hole with physical pleasures outside of your self, it will never the filled with anything you find outside of yourself.

So! Stop trying to fill that hole inside yourself with food, alcohol, drugs, sex, relationships, money, work or whatever else you can find outside of you.

Because the fact of the matter is! Nothing you find outside of yourself will ever be able to fulfil that desire or that longing, forever. Why? Because all those things are in limited supply and can never fill the hole you feel anyway.

The only thing that will fill that void is the love, respect, and attention you give towards yourself and how you love and care for yourself.

I understand some may thinkā€¦ “I do love, and respect myself.”

But do yourself a favour and sit and think for a while, do your actions and behaviour towards yourself reflect that of someone who respects and loves themselves?

If you love someone, you want them to be happy and healthy! Right!?

That’s why as parents we try our utmost best to get our kids to eat healthy food and not just sweets and chocolates. Or encourage them to develop healthy habits and manners.

Now! Ask yourself how much of your daily routine includes behaviours that reflect that you have a loving and respectful relationship with yourself. How often do you put your health first, whether that is physically, emotionally, or even mentally?

I think, becoming more aware of your actions toward yourself, is one of the first major steps towards bettering your self-love, which will then improve your overall health and your life.

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