Focusing on combining spiritual and physical health to create over-all health.

I'm a Modern Mystic Life Specialist

Some of the benefits you will experience
  • Relaxation
  • Stress reduction
  • Mindfulness & awareness
  • Improved breathing
  • Healing - emotional & physical
Most spirituality views focus on the spirit and soul only and disregard or throw out the body - spiritual health Non spiritual views focus on the body only and disregard or do not recognize the spirit - physical health  My focus is to combine the two aspects to work together to create over-all health in the body as a whole, physically and spiritually. Since 2006 I've worked on my physical health and appearance to improve my personal image, health and fitness. I've studied various courses and worked in most fields. I worked as a beauty consultant to help ladies get the best skin care for their skin needs. I worked as a makeup artist doing makeup for brides as well as makeup lessons. I worked as a personal fashion stylist to help ladies put together beautiful flattering outfits. I did a personal training course in 2007 and took a fitness science practitioner course from a sports scientist to refresh my fitness training knowledge in 2018. After working in the wellness industry for 10 years, I wanted to focus more on developing my spirituality. I've been studying and incorporating tantra into my life since 2017.

My Skills



Kundalini Yoga





Spiritual Health

  • Tantra

    The Science of Meditation

    First of all, tantra is not a religion. In retrospect, it’s more of a science than it is a religion. Tantra is a radical spiritual lifestyle. It's a journey of connecting and trusting within to learn how to put aside and/or heal from traumas, judgments, and fears to create a whole person or whole being.

  • Kundalini Yoga

    The Science of uniting the finite with the infinite

    A physical and spiritual practice directed to awaken the full potential of human awareness in each individual. Kundalini brings balance to the body, mind, and soul.

  • Ayurveda

    The Science of Live

    Ayurveda is not a 'evidence-based science' but rather an 'ancient art'. It's the worlds oldest holistic healing system, and based on the believe that health and wellness depend on a delicate balance between the mind, body, and spirit.

Overall Benefits

  • Increased Consciousness

    conscious awareness throughout the day

    Going through your everyday life and tasks with complete awareness savoring every moment

  • Peaceful living

    with yourself and humanity

    Living in a state of peace from knowing that the only infinite pleasure comes from within yourself

  • Healing

    Physically, Emotionally, and Spiritually

    Aligning mind, body and spirit to be in balance with each other in order to heal.

My Clients

It is amazingly helpful to have access to someone that I can share certain emotions with, emotions that we have been taught to be bad or that we should suppress. The advice I received has helped me personally to not fear my emotions,
but instead to experience and acknowledge them which makes it easier to let go of bad emotions and only have the good ones remain. I have requested a mantra specific to me, which I am sure will help me to get back into the moment when I feel overwhelmed.

Hugo Venter

CTO of Blockchain Capital


Physical Health

  • Fitness

    Mindful exercising

    Being thankful for the physical body and everything it can do for us. Improve your body condition through mindful physical exercise. Enjoy your body and find out how strong, fast, and fit you can be.

  • Nutrition

    Mindful eating

    Being thankful for the body and everything it has done for us. Take note of what you give to your body in the form of nutrition. Do your eating habits show your appreciation for your body?

  • Beauty

    Mindful personal care

    Being thankful for physical existence and every experience. Learn to love your body and every physical feature that it has. Show your divine beauty through your own unique appearance.

My Experience

  • Improved self image

    Feel comfortable in your own skin

    Love for every physical feature of you.

  • More Energy

    More sustained energy throughout the day

    Get to a point where don't feel you need caffeine etc. to get through the day.

  • Healthier body

    fitter, stronger, and faster

    Go through your normal day feeling healthier and stronger.

My Clients

I am so glad you introduced me to how you train. I tried to gym in the past but really did not like it, but now I realize that it is your specific training method which makes the difference. The idea of a new exercise program every two weeks is exciting for me and at the end of a two week program I really look forward to the next two weeks' program. After the six week introduction program I already feel stronger. I can already lift a 7kg dumbbell. I could not do it at the beginning of the program. Thank you for introducing me to this amazing gym program

Ria Meintjes

63 year old client


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