So called “support systems”

Jan 09, 2020

Support systems are very important in our lives, because let’s face it. Life can be pretty damn hard at times.

There’s a lot off so called support systems out there like health care, insurance, religious systems and even relationships systems like marriage and so forth. (more…)

What is a sadhana

Dec 03, 2019

A sadhana is a spiritual practice to help you on your spiritual journey. It can include a wide range of activities from training in the gym to meditation.  (more…)

Why I stopped consuming alcohol regularly

Nov 17, 2019

wineAt the beginning of this year (2019) I decided to stop using alcohol. It wasn’t a new years resolution. In 2018 I worked very hard to improve my physical health and fitness. As my fitness level increased I started to realize that I didn’t feel great after drinking even just one glass of wine. But I still wanted to be social and “have a life” so during the last few months of 2018 I already started drinking less while enjoying time out with friends and family. (more…)