So called “support systems”

Jan 09, 2020

Support systems are very important in our lives, because let’s face it. Life can be pretty damn hard at times.

There’s a lot off so called support systems out there like health care, insurance, religious systems and even relationships systems like marriage and so forth. (more…)

How I got into studying and practising tantra

Jan 08, 2020

All spiritual awakings start from major events that happen in our lives. It took me 5 years after probably the most devastating event that could ever happen to anyone. Losing someone you love to death.

My grandma past away on 19 September 2015. She was diagnosed with breast cancer, had both of her breasts removed and was on medication for more than a year but a few days before her passing, she went in for a check-up and the cancer has spread to her lungs. They changed her medication, but she passed away in a couple of days after. (more…)